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Valentine’s Day: The Perfect Gift Is Here!

11th Feb 2022

Smart Art – Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers.

   Select any Rand value of your choosing;

·         Can be used towards any purchase with Smart Art;

·         Personalised vouchers available on request.

For Voucher enquiries please contact us directly:
Belinda or Saskia

Valentine's Day Smart Art

Due to popular demand, Smart Art’s Wallpaper Sale will be extended until the 28th of February 2022. 

WAS R475 /m2         NOW R359 /m2

Choose any images free of charge from our image gallery.

Smart Art – Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers.

   Select any Rand value of your choosing;

·         Can be used towards any purchase with Smart Art;

·         Personalised vouchers available on request.

For Voucher enquiries please contact us directly:
Belinda or Saskia

Creative Ideas

View our latest designs!

Don’t want to miss a great deal but unsure of what to print?
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Enter & WIN Your Free Canvas. 

Win a free printed 1000 x 1500 canvas.
How to Enter?

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  2. Respond to this Newsletter via email with the phrase “In it to win it”.

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Colouring Wallpaper: Wallpaper You Can Colour In? Yes Our Colouring Wallpaper.

7th Feb 2022
Colouring books are extremely popular, but once you colour in the picture, it just sits in the book, and nobody ever sees it.

Colouring wallpaper let’s you put your colouring art on the wall, where you can share it with everyone.

Colouring your own wallpaper can be an individual or group activity.
Both kids and adults will love the fun, creative process of choosing colours, colouring, and seeing the image come to life.
FREE Colour Poster Print Out
with all Colour In  Wallpaper & Canvas Orders. You can also shop on Takealot
         Put up a colouring mural for your day-care or after school program to keep children entertained.
Use a mandala, or a famous artist image as an office team-building activity.
Or just pick an image from our website, and colour away your stress. 

What Types Of Art Media Can You Use on Colouring Wallpaper?

·         Non-washable Markers – stay true to color

·         Crayons – give a soft look

·         Colored Pencils – give a soft look

·         Acrylic Paint – stay true to color


WAS R475  NOW R349 /m2


1st Feb 2022

Wallpaper Sale! FROM 1st – 14th OF FEB.

We are celebrating the month of love with giving back to our subscribers & customers.

WAS R475 /m2
NOW R359 /m2

Prices valid Until the 28th of February 2022, send us the following:
The size of the surface you want to cover (full width and height);
The product you would like printed?
Your location for installation/delivery purposes;
Your contact number for any further details required.
Wallpaper Sale Smart Art
Radical Botanicals

Don’t want to miss a great deal but unsure of what to print?
Place your order now and choose your print later. 

Lines and Textures
Smart Kids Designer Wall Murals

Welcome, 2022!

31st Jan 2022

2022 New Year. New You? We have some incredibly exciting ideas for you!

2022 Wallapers

Green is a hot new colour for 2022.

“The green renaissance will be in full swing by 2022, whether in paint or decor.” Many people are craving a sense of calm in their homes, which can be achieved by incorporating neutral, soft shades of green.

When looking for home office decorating ideas, always think in terms of inspiration; your work area should be functional but also reflective of the things that motivate you. Design a space that you look forward to being in every day.  Choose designs that are elegant and sophisticated but give your home office the personality it deserves. 

 It’s time to rethink the pink and blue binary when it comes to nursery decor. When it comes to designing a nursery, the goal remains the same: to create a comfortable, calming, and playful space for your new born to dream, rest, grow, and play. The only rule to gender-neutral decorating is that there are no rules! Jump out of the box and have some fun with your little one.

A well-designed home can help us unwind and recharge for a better tomorrow. There is something about dreamy textured printed wall panels placed in your bedroom that just makes our heart flutter. If you’re looking for a stunning 3D wallpaper that is a little different, then Panel Wallpaper is your go-to. Design your everyday with our limitless options of Custom Printed Wallpaper Murals. View our limitless range of designs available.

The kitchen is one of the best places to take a design risk. See these gorgeous cooking areas that are outfitted with graphic wallpaper. Stunning white marble effect wallpaper that’s perfect for uplifting your kitchen. Vinyl Decor is a quick and easy solution to bring old cabinets back to life and create a modern, refreshed kitchen.

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Custom printed wallpaper. Safari So Good! Embrace Africa’s Natural Heritage With These Wild Interior Ideas.

31st Jan 2022
Custom printed wallpaper

With a custom printed wallpaper, you can instantly add style and elegance to your space. Whether you are decorating an office, a lodge, or your own home, these Safari Themed Statement Pieces will add some style and personality to your space.

You can keep it clean and elegant, or bold and beautiful. This textured off white wall paired with some abstract tiger stripes can work for almost any space.

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Custom printed wallpaper Shop Online

To Fynbos or not to Fynbos?

31st Jan 2022

Beautify your space with us.

EXPERIENCE Smart Art’s NEW Fynbos Collection.


Fynbos: Smart Art Summer & Spring Collection 2022

Be free, let your soul sing, full of vim and vigour, and re-discover the beauty of the world. Create your slice of heaven from our Exclusive Fynbos Range with a quirky & shabby chic twist.

ON SALE until 30 OCT 2021

*Orders can be customised to your design requirements.


If you don’t have a suitable picture to use, then be sure to visit our gallery, for a large range of images that may be purchased.

Remember our on-line consultancy is here to guide and assist:

PRICE LIST AND SIZES  | Contact Us 021 447 0872 | Email | Visit us


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Smart Art Competition: Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

31st Jan 2022

A Smart Art Competition Not To Be Missed! Win Your Dream Interior Wallpaper.

Smart Art competition

Wallpapers, An Elegant Interior Solution. Marvel at our Marble

31st Jan 2022


Our collection of faux Marble Wallpaper will help you achieve the marble look in your home while keeping things affordable. These faux marble effect wallpaper prints delivery all the power of the real thing without the need of a big, expensive, renovation project. A never-off trend, the marble aesthetic will provide a little class to your space and have guests marveling at your marble.

*All prints can be customised to your design requirements. 

Wallpaper offers clients in South Africa the opportunity to shop for wallpaper online. With a wide variety of beautiful wallpapers and murals, we are the go to place to find the perfect wallpaper for your home or office space. Smart Art Printed Wallpaper is a leader in supplying Corporate clients with designer wallpapers.

  • Printed wallpaper to your wall size;
  • Our Printed Wallpaper is washable and easily applied;
  • Wallpaper Application and adhesive not included in rates;
  • We offer wallpaper installation service in all major cities;
  • Delivered to your door in 7-14 DAYS;
  • We ship Worldwide.
  • Smart Art South Africa near me.

Be The First to get your hands on these marble fynbos wallpapers!

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